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Elephant Gin

Elephant Gin Elephant Strength 57% Vol. 0,5l

Elephant Gin Elephant Strength 57% Vol. 0,5l

Normál ár 17.648 Ft
Normál ár Akciós ár 17.648 Ft
Akciós Elfogyott
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This gin is produced in Germany and is the Elephant Strength bottling of the Elephant London Dry Gin and finds its inspiration in beautiful Africa.

The gin is produced in the traditional copper still distillation. There are 14 different botanicals used, such as juniper, mountain pine, fresh apple, an African plant called buchu and Lion Tail (translated: lion's tail).

For every bottle of Elephant London Dry Gin sold, 15% of the profits are donated to the 'Big Life Foundation' and the 'Space for Elephants' Foundation.
Through this commitment, the Elephant London Dry Gin also draws its name, furthermore, each bottle bears the batch name of an elephant, which is already protected by the foundations.

- 94/100 Falstaff points
- Best international gin in 2017/2018 according to Falstaff Bar & Spirits Guide.
- Master Award in the category "Gin" at the Global Masters Competitions 2021.

Tasting notes:

Color: Clear.
Nose: Notes of juniper, mountain pine, herbs.
Taste: Complex, floral, juniper, apples, mountain pine, hints of fruit and spices.
Finish: Long lasting. 
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